Instructor Bio

With more than 29 years of experience in the field of Education. Dynamic, respected teaching professional, inspirational mentor, consistent, respected for setting and maintaining high standards and instilling confidence in students to succeed. Master of Arts (M.A English) with B.Ed. Enriched with international training sessions, workshops and seminars, contributed as a resource person for the promotion of education, encouraging latest ideas and techniques to assist teachers to be abreast with the changing trends and demands of the present generation. Took interest and assisted in initiating CBSE (i) at Shantiniketan Indian School which was highly successful. Contributed to growth and development of SIS through case studies on Professional Development and active learn. Building Blocks of effective learning related to the six steps Affection - building relationships between teacher and taught, Acceptance - providing a joyful learning experience , Attention - child feels the need for learning , Attribute - providing varied appropriate learning experience where actual learning takes place , Attainment - experienced the joy of learning as they derive the benefit of learning and Accolades - positive reinforcement and sense of achievement. Values are based on experience, and spiritual path of different kinds of experiences. It is the very experiences that has encouraged and allowed me to dedicate untiringly for the cause of humanity.