About SIS-Learn

SIS-Learn is the Active Learning Pedagogy developed by the Shantiniketan Indian School. The tagline is Everyone Can Learn and Achieve High Performance. The three elements of this pedagogy are Inclusion, Equity, and Personalized Instruction.

This blog is about SIS-Learn Active Learning Pedagogy developed by SIS. Active Teaching Methods are derived to involve all children in the learning process as active learners where students are engaged and are participating in the process as differentiated instruction and inclusive education are the integral attributes of Active Teaching Method. Active Teaching facilitates Active Learning in a lively atmosphere where students lead, and the teachers facilitate. Active Learning Pedagogy follows the 3Gs approach to education. Genuine Self Awareness, Generous Hard Work, and Generative Innovation. Active Learning framework helps children to derive the joy of learning and to be independent learners. Active Learning Pedagogy facilitates Critical thinking, creativity, communication, and collaboration. It is also founded the unique building blocks of learning developed by SIS which focus on affection, acceptance, attention attribute, attainment, and accolades. Active Teaching Pedagogy integrated the core values of Shantiniketan Indian School. These core values are Value Team work, Lead by example, Focus on the future, Be respectful, Challenge the status quo, and Strive for excellence! The focus is on equity and inclusion. Eventually every child gains the confidence and start believing that everyone can learn and achieve high performance. At SIS, Active teaching Methods that incorporate Differentiated instruction and Assessment methodologies are designed to engage children of all diversities in an inclusive learning environment where each one of them is provided with equal opportunities to showcase their abilities and talents in curricular and extra-curricular activities. Active Learning Pedagogy gives teachers the freedom to adopt innovative strategies like Multilingual Inclusive Practice to enhance the ATM where each and every student irrespective of their different native language are given equal importance to make learning enjoyable for them. Active Learning pedagogy at SIS differentiate instruction for personalized instruction without loosing the spirit of collaboration to make the teaching and learning pedagogy joyful and effective. This approach in SIS leads the learners to be responsible for one another’s learning as well as their own. We encourage and motivate children to be self-driven learners. This is augmented by flipping tasks where research is evident and peer sharing take place. Active learning pedagogy lets us use powerful tools like Mastery Assessment, conducted in two phases, for Learning and Relearning, enables both the students and the teachers, identify, the concepts already learnt and the ones to be retaught. This process ensures depth in Subject knowledge and remarkable improvement in academic achievement. We have a comprehensive e-learning portal where learning materials are uploaded and is accessible to all. The e-training portal for teachers helps us to develop our skills and grow professionally whereas the e-magazine gives our children the edge to display their creativity by posting paintings, drawings and articles. SIS learning resource development studio is a milestone to the world of education for resource development for clarifying challenging concepts through educational videos. Professional development tools used by SIS for lesson observation, specific lesson plans and I -aspire serves as a vehicle to professional growth which not only improves teaching practice but also students performance. A great platform to exhibit our skills to discipline where a constant and constructive feedback system gives space for opportunities. Parents orientation, parent discussion forums, Teachers discussion forum are held regularly to intervene active participation for a higher performance.